To offer everyone the possibility of a healthy diet

A healthy diet should be a source of both satisfaction and well-being.
As such, we want good food – wholesome, varied, and properly balanced – to be made available to all.
GrEat wants to enable everyone to eat well -whatever the challenges – and to appreciate all the flavors of our top-quality food, produced and sourced locally and in harmony with the local environment.


Eating well has never been so easy

GrEat’s objective is to enable everyone to maintain a healthy diet despite professional obligations, family organization, or travel.
We believe everyone should have easy access to tasty products that respect a healthy balance in their dietary requirements.
With GrEat, it’s easy. Our prepared meals are within your reach and can be eaten immediately in “Grab ‘n Eat” mode.
Just reach out, and enjoy them without delay.


Enjoy a healthy diet

Wherever you are and regardless of your restrictions, enjoy a healthy, balanced diet… a guarantee of excellent health.
All our dishes are prepared from fresh, top-quality products while respecting the dietary requirements of all.

Recipes that are a pleasure to eat

Promoting healthy eating for all means, above all, proposing dishes that are a pleasure to eat.
Our chefs continually strive to bring out the flavors through original and tasty recipes. To do this, we work with fresh, seasonal products, mostly from local agriculture.
It’s not only good for you and the planet, but it’s also delicious!


Eating well also means ensuring that we take care of the environment

Our approach incorporates the challenges of fighting against food waste.
Each dish is considered in terms of quality and quantity to meet the dietary requirements of everyone.
We also seek to reduce waste by using light and suitable packaging to eliminate all unnecessary materials.
Our packaging is made of sustainable, recycled, and recyclable materials, in line with a circular economy approach.



Favoring short circuits

Throughout the year, GrEat allows you to enjoy seasonal food produced locally and perfected by the talent of our chefs.
GrEat is “Made in Luxembourg.” We are proud of our Luxembourgish ties and heritage. All our dishes are prepared in the Grand Duchy to serve local customers and beyond. We work in close collaboration with local and border producers.
Our range of products evolves throughout the year to satisfy your dietary requirements and allow you to enjoy the treasures of Luxembourg.

Widely Available

Wherever and whenever you want, choose healthy and tasty products

Wherever and whenever you want, enjoy our high-quality products.
You don’t have to travel to enjoy high-quality food. On the contrary, we want to allow you to choose tasty, high-quality food wherever and whenever you want.
That’s why GrEat wants to come closer by proposing its food in sales outlets in Luxembourg.
Our products are available in gas stations and local outlets.

Where to find us

1, rue de Strasbourg
L-2561 Luxembourg

15, rue des Bains
L-1212 Luxembourg

25, bd Friedrich Wilhelm Raiffeisen
L-2411 Luxembourg
Étage 0 – Cloche d’Or Shopping Center

Opening hours :

Great – Gare

08h00 to 18h00

Great – Bains

09h00 to 15h00

Great – Cloche d’Or

09h00 to 20h00